My firt visions when I discovered Mega Altaria : Sailor Mega Altaria !!

And then Boing-boing Mega Altaria xD !

Altaria’s name is the same in french *U* !

And thank you veryyyyyyyyy much for the support, especially for birds because they are so cool ‘U’, Merci beaucoup tout le monde !!!!

Fée et dragon ça doit faire mal ^^’

First of all, thank you very much ! Merci beaucoup ^u^

Never excepted so much likes on the legend of Zelda : Feather Time, so I tried to see if it works with some games …. now I think I can see birds and pigeons on everything ! Imagine these epic games only with pigeons and turtle doves !

I’ll call this idea: Story-bird ! 

If you could choose only one game on the list, which one would you choose ? :p