Et voila ! Après avoir attendu plus d’une année, je peux enfin continuer EDC :) (l’Etoile Du Ciel)

C’est exactement la même histoire sauf le début qui est légerement différent. Je suis vraiment content de pouvoir continuer et de poursuivre comme on le faisait sur Flipnote Hatena ! 

EDC (The Sky’s Star) is a story I made a long time ago and animated on Flipnote Hatena, since the website closed I stopped and made some Nintendo parodies for the fun, waiting for Flipnote 3D … but nothing yet …

So I make and put my story on Tumblr now, after a Year of waiting.

French because my level is not good enought to make a full story in english but some characters talk only english, or spanish or german =)

I’ll animate a way you will understand, even if you are not french.

and of course I’ll continue to animate funny stuffs about Nintendo and other =) 

Voila ^^ hoping you’ll like and, to be continued =)

Part 1  Apollonio garden

A story of self esteem (but not all that :p)

I love fanarts but personal stuffs are much better, because it’s from you :) 

Kirby et Harmonie, j’ai pu les tester dans Super Smash Bros 3DS et Wii U et ils sont géniaux ! (Surtout Kirby ! ^^)

Super moments là-bas ! Merci tout le monde !!! 

Helloooooo ! I couldn’t post the last week because I was in Paris, for the 15 th anniversary of the Japan Expo ! 

I played Super Smash Bros 3DS and Wii U with Kirby and Rosalina, some things I felt about the two versions :

The 3DS one amazed me ! It’s really fast and all the controls are fine, I thought it was more slow but the 3DS version is really good, especially if we have to play outside with friends, it really looks like the Wii U version.

The Wii U version is good too, with the Game Cube controller, it’s easy to catch the gameplay we found on the Melee or Bawl game.

So, I can tell you, with all the fun I had with this game, that you can buy it reallyyyy fast !! (Pink rosalina is my favorite =p)

…. Luma is jealous ;p